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Ancient Egyptian Paintings May Be Restored by Ancient Pigments Recreated in Italian Lab

Ancient Egyptian Paintings
in King Tut's Tomb

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06/27/2007 - Efforts to conserve ancient Egyptian paintings have been hit or miss until now. Art conservators, however, have finally learned the secret to effective restoration of such ancient Egyptian paintings. The ancient colors used in ancient Egyptian wall paintings are being recreated in a modern lab in Italy. Art restorers say they have learned how to preserve the ancient artifacts whose colors have faded.

Egyptian officials have given Trapani, Italy-based conservation lab ISAD, permission to examine ancient Egyptian wall paintings' fragments to explore their origins and to develop an understanding of why their colors faded. Giuseppe Claudio Infranca of ISAD explained that the pigments used in ancient Egyptian wall paintngs appear to be derived from a variety of minerals, not from earth colors which has always been assumed.

Pigments May Be Used to Restore Ancient Egyptian Paintings in King Tut's Tomb

The colors used in ancient Egyptian paintings will be recreated in the Italian National Research Council's lab in Padua. Infranca said that the reconstructed pigments will then be taken to Egypt where they will be applied to wall paintings in important Egyptian tombs such as Tutankhamen, Ramses and Nefertiti.

Brenda Harness, Art Historian

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