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    Fine Art Touch is devoted to the exploration of Italian Renaissance Art and art in all its forms. Italian Renaissance artists changed the course of art history.

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Other News in Art

Italian Renaissance - General

Art Patronage

  • Renaissance Courts
    Opulence was expected in Italian Renaissance courts, but princes were able to openly display their wealth while aristocrats were constrained by sumptuary laws.

  • The Rise of the Medici, Florentine Bankers
    Giovanni de' Medici began a powerful dynasty of banking and commerce that spread throughout Europe and funded many of the greatest works of the Italian Renaissance.

  • Lorenzo de' Medici | The Pazzi Conspiracy
    The early life of Lorenzo de' Medici was full of conspiracy and intrigue as he survived an assassination attempt by the pope and the Pazzi that killed his brother Giuliano.

  • Lorenzo de' Medici | Art Patron Extraordinaire
    Lorenzo de' Medici was the de facto ruler of Florence supporting a lavish lifestyle that even he could not afford, but it was good while it lasted.

  • Ludovico Gonzaga, The Court of Mantua
    Ludovico Gonzaga, court of Mantua sponsored artists like Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna who turned his castle into a luxurious showplace for a visit from the pope.

  • The Este Of Ferrara | Descended From Trojan Princes?
    The Este of Ferrara claimed to be descendants of Trojan princes during the Italian Renaissance, enjoying a courtly environment flavored with tales of mythology and medieval chivalry.


  • Proto-Renaissance or Trecento in Italy
    It was in the Trecento or Proto-Renaissance that the ornamental, detailed International Gothic style of painting by artists like Gentile da Fabriano was in full bloom, but this was soon to change.

  • Giotto di Bondone, Italian Renaissance Painter
    Information about early Italian Renaissance painter Giotto di Bondone who began the movement to the return to Greek and Roman ideals of naturalism in Italian Renaissance art.

Early Renaissance

  • Early Renaissance Art
    The Early Renaissance began in the city of Florence in Central Italy in the fourteenth century. Early Renaissance painting, sculpture, and literature in Italy were influenced by an influx of scholars who migrated to Rome

  • Missing Fra Angelico Paintings Found Behind a Door
    Imagine the surprise of art experts when two long missing Fra Angelico paintings were found in November, 2006 behind a door in an apartment in Oxford, England.

  • The Dome of Florence Cathedral by Brunelleschi
    The dome of Florence Cathedral by Brunelleschi is commonly known simply as The Duomo because of the beauty and magnificence of its design and its striking impact on the skyline of Florence.

  • Masaccio
    Italian Renaissance Painter, Masaccio, made huge steps in the art of painting, innovations not seen since antiquity.

    • Masaccio's Tribute Money
      Masaccio's Tribute Money is revolutionary in his use of perspective, not seen since antiquity, and the forms appearing to being rendered with a single light source.

    • Holy Trinity by Masaccio
      For the first time since antiquity, we see the full use of Brunelleschi's innovative perspective technique in the fresco of the Holy Trinity by Masaccio.

  • Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise
    Michelangelo aptly named Lorenzo Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise acknowledging the stunning work of the older artist, who transitioned art from the Gothic style into the Renaissance style.

  • Donatello
    Italian Renaissance artist Donatello was a skilled artisan in both marble and bronze, but it is said that he demanded a certain amount of artistic freedom.

    • Donatello's David
      Donatello's David, a bronze sculpture executed ca. 1425-1430, is the first large-scale, free-standing nude statue of the Renaissance.

    • Donatello Sculpture of Gattamelata
      This Donatello sculpture of Gattamelata was very controversial at the time of its creation as it was an equestrian monument glorifying a man who was just a man, not a ruler

  • Luca della Robbia | Italian Renaissance Workshop Secrets
    The family workshop members took the technical formula developed by their founder Luca della Robbia to the grave.

  • Paolo Uccello, Obsessed With Perspective
    Early Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Uccello joined the ranks of groundbreakers like Brunelleschi, Masaccio, and Ghiberti in his exploration of the new device of perspective.

  • Piero della Francesca
    History records nothing for centuries of Italian Renaissance master Piero della Francesca (1416-1492) until his re-discovery in the 20th century.

  • Andrea del Castagno | A Painter of Some Influence
    Andrea del Castagno was acclaimed for his frescoed portrait series of Famous Man and Women during the Italian Renaissance.

  • Fra Filippo Lippi, The Reluctant Friar
    Raised in a Carmelite friary, Fra Filippo Lippi was anything but pious when he eloped with one of the nuns who bore him two children.

  • Antonio Pollaiuolo | Dissecting Corpses for Art
    Intensely interested in the movement of the human body, Antonio Pollaiuolo is thought to have dissected corpses to improve his understanding of human anatomy.

  • Andrea Mantegna - Leading the Way
    Andrea Mantegna paved the way for later artists of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque eras through his illusionistic style and dramatic foreshortening.

  • Perugino
    Perugino was born in Perugia, Umbria, but like other artists of the time, he gravitated to Florence in the mid-1470's drawn by the artistic climate.

  • Verrocchio
    Andrea del Verrocchio (1435-1488) was an Italian Renaissance artist working in the Florentine court of famous art patrons, Lorenzo and Giuliano de Medici.

  • The Life and Work of Sandro Botticelli
    The life and work of Sandro Botticelli were seldom mentioned for several centuries following the end of the Italian Renaissance.

High Renaissance

Venetian Renaissance


  • Mannerism in Art
    Mannerism in art appears in Florence and Rome following the death of Raphael Sanzio in 1520, a new style that focused on the human figure, with contorted poses and disturbing emotional content.

  • Parmigianino, Mannerist from Parma
    Caught up in the turmoil of Renaissance Rome early in the 16th century, Italian Renaissance artist Parmigianino developed his own unique Mannerist style of painting.

  • Agnolo Bronzino, Court Painter to Cosimo I de' Medici
    Italian Renaissance artist Agnolo Bronzino was court painter to Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

  • Giulio Romano, Artistic Heir to the Divine Raphael
    Artistic heir to the divine Raphael after his death, Giulio Romano completed many of the Raphael's unfinished works but never reached the same heights as his master.

  • The Outrageous Life of Benvenuto Cellini
    The outrageous life of Benvenuto Cellini, Italian Renaissance Mannerist goldsmith and sculptor, is chronicled in the artist's own autobiography.

  • Jacopo Tintoretto Biography
    Working in the Mannerist style, Jacopo Tintoretto claimed his artistic style developed from the figure drawing style of Michelangelo and the color sense of Titian.

  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Slightly Off Center
    Giuseppe Arcimboldo new style featured portraits of people not as we see them, but with rendered clumps of mammals, fish, vegetables and other natural objects.

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